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Randy and Theresa Mechell
Randy and Theresa Mechell, owners of Cedar Roof Specialist

The natural beauty of cedar is a joy to behold. It's also expensive.
Randy and Theresa Mechell, owners of Cedar Roof Specialist,
help protect one of a homeowner's biggest investments.
The famous poet, John Keats, might have been thinking of a cedar shake roof when he penned the line, "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." Ok, probably not. But without a doubt, cedar has a well-deserved reputation for beauty and longevity. Its natural properties help it resist decay and insects, withstand strong winds and harsh weather, and provide superior insulation against the scorching heat of southeastern Washington's summer sun. But it's a common misconception that cedar requires no maintenance. "That thinking stems from the days when cedar shake was made from old-growth cedar," says Randy Mechell, who owns Cedar Roof Specialist with his wife Theresa. The younger trees from which most shakes are hewn today have fewer of those natural preservatives. "It's also more expensive than it used to be," Mechell points out, so proper maintenance is even more important to extend the life of a cedar roof and save homeowners thousands of dollars in replacement costs. The elements can wreak havoc on any roofing material. Cedar is susceptible to sun, which breaks down the lignin in wood, causing splitting, cracking and dry rot. Moss - another common problem - has the opposite but equally damaging effect. Moss retains moisture, which, if left alone, can actually penetrate trusses and cause the wood to rot. Cedar Roof Specialist uses a proprietary four-step system to maintain and preserve the cedar shakes. First, a thorough cleaning removes dirt and debris. Second, they repair any shakes that are cracked, curled or missing. Next, they apply a special product containing a wood preservative fungicide, wood conditioner and dye that restores the cedar color beautifully. Finally, an application of water sealant helps repel water and block damaging UV rays. "When we get finished," says Mechell, "people drive by and say 'Oh my gosh, that's a beautiful roof!'" That's exactly what one customer in Richland, hears when people see the job Cedar Roof Specialist did on all 76,000 square feet of their cedar shake rooftops. "We were about to spend more than $1 million replacing it." But when they saw an ad for Cedar Roof Specialist, they called them in. They were impressed with the company. "I had to get several estimates. They weren't the lowest, but they guaranteed their work and we chose them based on the way they presented themselves." They say they had a great attitude, kept everything cleaned up as they went, and everyone was very pleased with their work. It's amazing the difference it made. And it still looks great after several years."" That customer is convinced that proper maintenance by qualified professionals will protect your investment and the beauty of your cedar roof for years to come. "They probably gave us another five or 10 years." Cedar Roof Specialist believes it will be many more years than that. Cedar Roof Specialist serves the entire southeastern Washington area. They recommend an every four-year maintenance program, which they offer at a discounted rate.

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